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Product-Nc.: 111000/112000/113000

Quick-mounting Aluminium gantry crane

The well proven disassembling crane for mobile use

Width of lateral stand 85 cm collapsible on every model

One lateral stand with an included horizontal adjuster

It is used in:
- Industry and building
- Local city and county companies
- Water and wastewater works
- Sanitation and air condition works

Mounted in only 5 minutes by one person

1. Stick the two aluminium support ends one after the other on both side stands
2. Move the supports, insert the bolts
3. Put the trolley on top of the support and insert bolts.
4. Hang up the chain block - Finished !

Areas of applications:
-  Moving and lifting of heavy loads
-  Building motors and driving appliances in and out
-  Repair and maintenance of pumps
-  Loading trucks and trailers on and off
-  For use in workshops and companies

Three sizes of side frames:

Mini: (Product-No: 111000)
Width of lateral stand 1,20 m
Height for hanging the pulley block from 1,18 m - 2,10 m

Standard: (Product-No: 112000)
Width of lateral stand 1,71 m
Height for hanging the pulley block from 1,68 m - 3,00 m

Maxi: (Product-No: 113000)
Width of lateral stand 2,29 m
Height for hanging the pulley block from 2,23 m - 4,00 m

The horizontal adjuster makes it possible to insert a support before the end of the carrier, thus varying the length of the slide way. This is sometimes unavoidable in case of restricted space. One of the lateral stands becomes movable.

The side frames and tryers are compatible

We produce the aluminium beam from 2,00 m to 5,00 m for 1.500 kg and 6 m for 1.000 kg