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For sawing and concreting plants

When sawing and drilling in concrete walls and ceilings it was up to now very difficult to hold the sawed parts and move them for transport.

The light aluminium gantry crane solves this problem in a simple, secure and easy way. With the aid of the light aluminium gantry crane the sawed out blocks are heaved out of ceilings and are lowered sideways or to the next lower level.

The crane is composed of four parts which are mounted and dismounted in a matter of minutes. The height is adjustable so that the crane can also be erected in low premises. Due to the light weight of its parts (in the standard model the heaviest part only weighs 40 kg ) the crane can be easily transported.

We manufacture three different sizes of side stands: Mini, Standard and Maxi.


The aluminium support has a standard size of 4 m. We also manufacture the aluminium supports after your wishes with an internal width of 2 m to 5 m and a capacity of 1.500 kg. A support length of up to 8 m is possible, the capacity is then reduced to 750 kg.

We developed a complete system with the different models where all supports and side stands are compatible with each other. Therefore the system is extremly flexible.

Additional parts, i.e. wall fixtures to directly fix the aluminium support to a wall, carrying chains and special side stands, for example mini-special or a gantry side stand secure a universal application.

Our feedbacks mention always the practical handling and the top quality of the cranes. As it saves time and personnel the light aluminium gantry crane schould be integrated in every plant.

When being loaded and moved the crane has a capacity of 1.000 kg