Application of the stone block pulling and lifting device

The stone block pulling and lifting device is directly positioned before the sawed out stone block. A dowel is adjusted in the middle of the stone to be moved.

With the aid of the rope block hanging inside the device the sledge is moved upwards till the hole of the connection plate is flush with the dowel. The connection plate is directly screwed to the stone block with a M 12 screw. Pulling bands are attached at the head of the screw. The stone block is pulled on to the combi-pallet by a manual hydraulic cylinder on the back of the device.

The frame is lowered with the aid of the spur gear rope block till the combi-pallet stands on the floor.

The stone block lifting and pulling device is driven to the side so that the pallet stands freely on its own. The sawed out block can now be carried horizontally away with a lifting vehicle.

The block can be transported with the manual vehicle on the aluminium ramp.